What we do?


Holographic Acupressure is working on body and foot. We use trading name of FOOTOPIA Reflexology combing Father Josef's new foot reflexology method to not only relieve day-to-day stress but also improve the overall health of your body by stimulating precise reflex points!


Holographic Acupressure is perfect to soothe tired and stressed muscles in the neck, shoulders, and back.  Say goodbye to those aches and pains!


Is Holographic Acupressure right for you?


Yes! Holographic Acupressure is right for people of all ages; from children to the elderly. 

Even if you are not stressed, routine Holographic Acupressure acts as general health maintenance to your body (as like a tune up!).

In Holographic Acupressure as reflexology, points and areas on the body and feet correspond to specific organs, bones, and body systems. Therapists access these points on the body and feet to affect organs and systems throughout the entire body!

Holographic Acupressure can also help:


Strengthen the immune system.

Promote good blood circulation.

Reduce fatigue and insomnia.

Promote hormonal balance.